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Finding a piece of farm to buy can be challenging especially when you don’t have much information about the process involved. There is more into buying land that just receiving a warranty deed in your mail. There are many challenges that new landowners encounter, but with the right advice from Saskatchewan Farm Real Estate Agent, you can overcome these challenges.

Here are factors to consider before buying a piece of land:

  • Find a good farm real estate agent

Well, the reality is that most real estate agents are only experienced in turnkey house buying and city property; therefore, it is important that you find an agent that knows something about farming. A good farm real estate agent takes time to find information and guide you when it comes to making important decisions regarding easements, zoning and other issues.

  • Closeness to market

The farm should be closer to your local markets, not to forget distribution channels. You don’t want to drive 50 miles before reaching a local market. It’s definitely not work your energy, money and cost. Are their farmers in the neighborhood that commutes to the market?

  • Cultural and physical history of the land

What kind of people lived on the farm? Are there any stories associated with the people and buildings? You also need to find information about land management practices in the region. Learn more about the history of flood irrigation and water usage.

  • Infrastructure

Do you want a farm that comes with equipments or buildings on it? You will know your investment after you have bought the farm. You could buy a farm with a barn, fenced pastures and irrigation pumps.

  • Evaluate the site

Visit the farm as many times as you can so that you can determine if it meets your farming purposes. Slopes on land will definitely impact your options. Check the flooding zones of the farm and its exposure to sunlight. If you want to grow vegetables then you want to buy a farm with solid ground and access to the sun’s light.

  • Neighbors

Ensure that you meet your neighbors before you start farming on the land. Neighbors who don’t like you would show it from the very start. 

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Many people think that the difference between a condo and a house is that one has a yard and one typically does not; this concept is completely wrong.


A lot of people get confused by the question whether they should buy a condo or a house. This is the question only you can decide; a lot of people don’t give it enough thought before coming to a decision. But basically it all depends upon your wants & needs plus your lifestyle.


If you have a big family and want a space and backyard that can be used freely or if you want to have complete control on the decision making regarding the house and want complete privacy then a condo, probably, isn’t the best option for you.


If you are living a busy life and want things to be simple, don’t have time to do the yard work, and if you want to enjoy the comforts of a home, then a condo is the perfect choice for you.


If you are still having trouble making the right decision the following points will help you in your decision making.


  • Shared common spaces.
  • Exterior maintenance including snow removal and landscaping is taken care of by the condo association (from your monthly condo fees).
  • Generally freedom to do what you wish inside (within the law), but outside you normally need permission from the condo board to any changes or improvements.
  • Monthly condo fees usually include water and sewage, and generally in the case of apartment style condos heat is also included (if it is hot water heat, watch out for electrical heat).
  • Insurance that covers the exterior and the building structure itself are part of your condo fees (but you will need your own personal insurance for the interior and personal affects, much like renters insurance).
Condos for sale in Saskatoon


  • Private yard.
  • No condo fees.
  • Maintenance outside is your responsibility to organize.
  • You are responsible for all insurance costs.
  • You have total control (within the law) of what you can do to your property.
  • Not required to ask anyone if you want to paint your outside door or put on a new light or a new mailbox.

Homes for sale in SaskatoonBoth, in houses and condominiums there are numerous different styles and choices available. The Saskatoon real estate market in the past was primarily driven by houses. In last few years a big change has been observed. The demand for condos for sale in Saskatoon has risen and as a result the development of new condos has been increasing in Saskatoon. There has been a huge growth in the condominiums conversion projects across Saskatoon.


For further information you can CONTACT ME ANYTIME!

Jeff Kwochka

Cell: 306-280-6408

Office: 306-373-7520

Email: jeffkwochka@realtyexecutives.com

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