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Latest Listings for Homes for sale in Martensville by Jeff Kwochka

Here you will see the latest listings for homes for sale in Martensville. I can help you get your dream home in this city.



Martensville Info:

Almost 400 licensed businesses are running in Martensville. The fast growth in the population has also boosted the development of numerous new houses and neighborhood.


There are two elementary schools and two more are planned for our newest sub-division, Lake Vista. The high school is currently being renovated to double its size and is linked to the new Athletic Pavilion which features three sports courts, training areas, and a second-level curved running track.


Every year over the residents enjoy 30 events that take place in the city; these include the famous Winter Festival and Buster day, for fun weekends and entertainment. Just to the south of the city you can find The Auto Clearing Motor Speedway, Saskatchewan’s premier motorsports facility.


If you want to sell a home in Martensville and surrounding areas, you need to be aware of real estate market trends and how they will impact your home and your prospects of selling it. Real estate market trends and I can help you with this entire process feel free to call me 306-373-7520 or email me: jeffkwochka@live.ca.

Listings of Martensville Properties

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Listing information last updated on October 21, 2017

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